Linden Hills small area plan passes Council

The City Council approved Linden Hills’ small area plan Dec. 13 without the neighborhood’s requested height limits in feet. Instead, the plan encourages heights that “reflect the adjacent architectural context” and are shorter than the current code maximums for three- and four-story buildings (42 feet and 56 feet).


In an early draft of the plan, Linden Hills community members hoped to keep heights three stories or lower in most commercial areas, with the exception of 44th & France.

City officials removed strict height limits from the plan, in part so the neighborhood would help accommodate a goal for population growth in the city.


“We cannot place an overall numeric number in the small area plan under the law,” Council Member Lisa Goodman said at a Dec. 9 Zoning & Planning Committee meeting. “It’s probably not going to provide the guarantee that the neighborhood wants — that no builder will ever be able to build anything taller than 44 feet — but it gives staff guidance to recommend to developers … that this is the expectation in the community.”