Police arrest suspects in attempted robbery at gunpoint

Police have arrested two potential suspects in an attempted robbery at gunpoint on the 3300 block of Holmes Avenue South.

Police said a woman was walking her dog shortly before 10 p.m. Nov 8 when a suspect approached her from behind, grabbed her by the shoulder and demanded that she give him everything she had.

“She replied that she didn’t have anything, he demanded again and she gave the same response,” police said in a statement. “Then the suspect pulled out a handgun, pointed it at the victim and repeated the demand. The victim screamed for help and the suspect ran in the direction of 33rd and Humboldt.”

The suspect is described as a “soft-spoken” African American male, with a slim build, about 5’6″ – 5’7″, with dark eyes and some facial hair. He was wearing a dark hoody and dark pants.

Police recommend choosing well-lit streets at night, staying alert to surroundings, and walking with a friend if possible. Police also recommend that people become familiar with businesses that are open late, and go directly to a busy place if they feel uneasy.