Linden Hills continues to review apartment project at 46th & France

The Linden Hills Neighborhood Council’s Zoning Committee is divided on whether to oppose plans for the France Avenue Apartments at 46th & France, which have shrunk again.

“There continues to be strong neighbor opposition to the project, despite the considerable downsizing of the mass of the building,” wrote chair Larry LaVercombe in a letter to the city on behalf of the Zoning Committee. “‘Let the Small Area Plan Work,’ was the phrase repeated several times at the meeting.”

Linden Hills recently completed a small area plan to guide future development in the neighborhood.

The apartments would stand three stories and include 31 units. According to the committee, neighbors objected to the project density, the rental price (likely $2 per square foot), the lack of height transition to smaller buildings nearby, and the developer’s choice to move away from a prior “row-house” style design.

“The architect noted that the lack of step backs was a result of shrinking the project’s height and footprint as much as possible, while maintaining enough density for the project to remain viable,” LaVercombe wrote.

The full LHiNC board will vote on the proposal Nov. 12.