Crime reports


Oct. 18, 1:30 a.m.–10 a.m. / 2500 block of Irving Avenue South

An unknown suspect entered the home of a 49-year-old woman through an unlocked kitchen window and stole various items. No suspect information could be gathered at the scene. 


Oct. 15, 11:30 p.m. / 3400 block of West 47th Street

Officers responded to a silent alarm at a high school. The alarm company relayed to them that there were three young males inside the building. Officers searched the building with the help of a K9 and found a 15-year-old boy in possession of a lock pick, drug paraphernalia, a small amount of marijuana, and an open bottle of alcohol. Two other juveniles, boys ages 15 and 16, were located. All were cited for trespassing and curfew violation, in addition to citations for the boy with various illegal possessions, and taken to the juvenile supervision center.


Oct. 11, 4:44 p.m. / 2100 block of Upton Avenue South

Officers were conducting a routine patrol at Hidden Beach and encountered three men in their mid-20s drinking “strong beer” in the park. All were cited for consuming in a park.

Oct. 11–Oct. 12, overnight / 2500 block of West Lake of the Isles Parkway

Officers took a report of a burglary of a dwelling. Two screens were damaged at the home and a 74-year-old man’s fanny pack was missing. There was no other reported loss. The fanny pack was found the next day in the 2500 block of Thomas Avenue South and returned to the man.


Oct. 17–Oct. 18, overnight / 4000 block of Pleasant Avenue South

An unknown suspect entered a garage and stole various items.


Oct. 18, 11:30 a.m. / Hennepin Avenue South & Lyndale Avenue South

Officers saw a 29-year-old man standing on a grassy medium holding a sign asking passing drivers for money. He was standing directly under a “State Property Keep Off” sign mounted on a utility pole. He walked away upon seeing the squad car, and was then stopped and issued a judicial receipt for trespassing.

Oct. 20, 7:30 p.m. / Bryant Avenue South & West  24th Street

A 25-year-old woman was robbed at gunpoint by a suspect with a semiautomatic handgun, who took her cell phone and purse containing miscellaneous cards.

Oct. 20, 7:30 p.m.–8:40 p.m. / 1900 block of Hennepin Avenue South

A 32-year-old man parked his vehicle at the rear of a business, and when he returned he found the rear driver’s side window broken and items taken from the car. There were no witnesses to the incident.

Oct. 17, 2:30–4 p.m. / 2700 block of Hennepin Avenue South

A 47-year-old woman locked her bike to the front porch of a salon while she was inside. When she returned the cut lock was on the ground and her bike was gone.


Oct. 20, 1:43 a.m. / Nicollet Avenue & West 33rd Street

A 37-year-old woman was seen urinating on a boulevard. She was identified with her driver’s license and given a judicial receipt for public urination.

Oct. 16–Oct. 17, overnight / 3600 block of Grand Avenue South

A 50-year-old man parked his car in the driveway behind his garage. When he returned to it the next day the front passenger window was broken and the ignition of the car was broken, though still usable with the key. There was no other damage or loss. 


Oct. 15, 10 p.m. / 2900 block of Lyndale Avenue South

A 27-year-old woman left her purse by the bar of the establishment while her and a friend went to dance. When she returned, her purse was missing. A bartender witnessed a suspect sit by the purse, order food and then leave when the other bartender looked away, and may have taken the purse. The suspect was not located at nearby bars.  


Oct. 20–Oct. 21, overnight / 4600 block of Colfax Avenue South

A 53-year-old woman’s car was parked in the rear driveway, with her purse under the passenger’s seat of the unlocked vehicle. An unknown suspect took her driver’s license, but did not take her credit cards.

Oct. 17, 11:07 p.m. / 5200 block of Lyndale Avenue South

Officers saw two young boys at the above location and inquired about their ages. The ages they gave put the juveniles, both 16 years old, in violation of curfew. They were cited, taken home and released to their guardians.


Oct. 12–Oct. 13, overnight / 6000 block of Blaisdell Avenue South

The door of an unattached garage was left unlocked and a 61-year-old man noticed his son-in-law’s bike was missing the next day.