No charges in Terrance Franklin shooting

Grand jury finds no probable cause for criminal charges

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced the results of a grand jury investigation into an officer-involved shooting Sept. 19. Credit: Dylan Thomas

Officers will not face charges in the shooting death of Terrance Franklin, a burglary suspect who died in a confrontation with Minneapolis Police last spring.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said Thursday a grand jury met for “two full days” and did not find probable cause to charge the officers with criminal wrongdoing. The grand jury heard testimony from 19 witnesses, including 11 sworn law enforcement officers, four experts and four civilians.

“The criminal process is now concluded,” Freeman said.

Franklin, 22, reportedly was shot multiple times in the May 10 incident that played out in the basement of a Wedge-neighborhood home. Police were pursuing Franklin when he hid in the basement 2717 Bryant Ave. S.

Franklin allegedly grabbed an officer’s gun during the confrontation. Two of the officers in the basement, SWAT team members Michael Meath and Ricardo Muro, were shot in the legs.

In a separate but related incident, a squad car responding to the scene after the shooting struck a motorcycle at the intersection of 26th & Blaisdell. The collision killed the driver, Ivan Romero Olivares, and injured his passenger.

The incident occured early in the tenure of new Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau, who some criticized for acting too slowly in the case. Several of the officers involved weren’t interviewed until days later.

Asked to comment on the delay, Freeman responded: “I run the county attorney’s office; Chief Harteau runs the police.”

He expressed confidence that police conducted a “thorough, complete and professional investigation.”

The county attorney also brushed aside accusations made by Franklin’s attorney, Mike Padden, of a cover up.

“Poppycock,” he said firmly. “It has no basis in fact. We’re a free country. Padden can say what he wants, but he’s dead wrong.”