Rybak joins other mayors at White House to talk about preventing youth violence

Mayor R.T. Rybak met with President Barack Obama, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and other mayors at the White House today to share strategies for dealing with youth violence.

“President Obama and Attorney General Holder demonstrated again today that after Newtown and so many other tragedies, and at a time when youth and gun violence is not on the front page, they are still committed to helping mayors end it,” Rybak said.

A year ago Holder invited Minneapolis to be a member of President Obama’s National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, along with nine other cities.

The city’s Blueprint for Action: Preventing Youth Violence in Minneapolis, which will be updated in September, has seen successes in reducing youth violence.

According to city statistics from 2006–2012 the number of youth involved in violent crime is down 57 percent; those involved in gun violence down 67 percent; youth injured from gun violence has dropped 62 percent; and the number of youth homicide victims has decreased 60 percent.

Goals highlighted in the Blueprint for Action include: connecting youth with trusted adults; intervening at first signs a youth might be at risk for violence; help youth who have gone down the wrong path; and thwart the culture of violence in the community.