A look at the proposed building on Lake & James

Four stories of offices and condos might replace Calhoun Bike Rental.

Credit: Submitted image

Columns of lighted windows would highlight a four-story development called 16Twenty proposed at 1618-20 W. Lake and 2915 James Ave. S.

Architects at Peterssen/Keller Architecture, who might move their office to the new project, recently described the design to the East Isles Residents Association’s Zoning Committee.

The first two brick stories of office space would rise to a height mirroring Barbette on the block. The upper floors of four condominiums would step back from the building edge. Small square windows illuminated at night would rise in columns at the corners of the project, a feature the architects said inspired their design. Parking spaces would be built into the building’s interior on the ground floor.

The project would have no basement, in an attempt to head off concerns about the site’s partial inclusion in the Shoreland Overlay District. The District limits construction to two-and-a-half stories to prevent negative impact on the nearby lakes. The project needs city approval to go higher.

The architect said excavation would be limited to six feet underground.

“Our foundations will not go down as far as the houses [on the site],” said Dan Oberpriller, co-founder of CPM Development.

Committee member Donna Jansen said she was glad the architects referenced the Uptown Small Area Plan in their work.

“I want to compliment you,” she said.

Some East Isles residents asked questions about stormwater management, expressing worry due to CPM’s recent five-story project at Lake & Knox, called 1800 Lake. The project is pumping an estimated 100 million tons of groundwater into the lakes, a volume unforeseen until construction was underway.

The developer is installing flow meters to determine exactly how much water the project is sending into the lakes.

“We’re doing everything the city is asking us to do,” Oberpriller said.