Seven injured in Metro Transit bus crash

Cause of accident still under investigation; injuries were not life-threatening

WEST CALHOUN — Seven people reported minor injuries after a Metro Transit bus left the road while traveling on West Lake Street near Lake Calhoun this morning.

Six passengers on the bus were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center and treated for non-life threatening injuries, HCMC spokesperson Christine Hill said. The driver of the bus, identified by Metro Transit as Andrew Solovjovs, was in satisfactory condition Friday afternoon, but Hill did not say if he had been released.

The Route 17 bus was traveling westbound near West Calhoun Parkway around 6:40 a.m. when it veered off the road and into a wooded area. Metro Transit officials remain unsure of the cause of the accident.

“At this point we are really still in the investigation phase,” said Drew Kerr, a Metro Transit spokesperson.

Kerr said the extent of damage to the bus remains unknown. The scene was cleared shortly after 8 a.m.