St. Stephen’s, Downtown Council partnering on awareness campaign on panhandling

St. Stephen’s has partnered with the Downtown Council on a new outreach campaign to encourage people to provide panhandlers with information about available resources instead of money.

Posters are being sent out to downtown businesses with information about St. Stephen’s Street Outreach team, which works to match homeless people with assistance. The posters include the outreach team’s phone number — 612-879-7624 and a stack of tear-off cards with contact info for the outreach team.

St. Stephen’s has the following tips for people approached by panhandlers:

— Don’t ignore people — feeling invisible is terrible.

— Do smile and be kind.

— Don’t give people money — it doesn’t solve problems.

— Do call Street Outreach if someone is in trouble.

— Do give out these resource cards.

To date, St. Stephen’s Street Outreach team has helped more than 500 homeless people secure housing.