Minneapolis delegation helps pass gay marriage

(VIDEO included)

Rep. Karen Clark (DFL-62A). Credit:

Led by Rep. Karen Clark (DFL-62A), the Minneapolis delegation to the Minnesota House of Representatives helped pass a bill to legalize gay marriage in the state.

All 10 state representatives from Minneapolis voted for the bill, helping it pass on a 75-59 vote.

“It really is a wonderful moment to be here,” said Karen Clark, the bill’s chief author. “I do believe we are on the verge of changing Minnesota’s history.”

The bill is scheduled for a Monday vote in the DFL-controlled Senate. Sen. Scott Dibble, also of Minneapolis, is the author of the senate bill.

Gov. Mark Dayton has said he will sign the bill into law when it reaches his desk.

Dibble issued the following statement after today’s vote in the House. 

“Today’s historic vote by the Minnesota House of Representatives is a very large step toward the freedom to marry for Minnesotans. We have cleared one of the final obstacles on our journey toward greater equality.

We have arrived at this moment because regular, hard working people across the state have shown the courage to live with dignity, step forward and tell their stories, talk to their neighbors, and stand up for equality. We have engaged in a statewide conversation about what family really means and the love we all cherish. Today we celebrate those values that unite us.

But even after today’s victory and after my colleagues and I in the Senate vote to put this bill on Governor Dayton’s desk to be signed into law, this vital conversation will continue across Minnesota. Our finish line is crossed only after Minnesota is a state where all Minnesotans have the freedom to marry the person they love, and where every family, in every neighborhood, in every community is valued.”

Here are the names of the Minneapolis representatives who voted for same-sex marriage. They’re all DFLers. 

Karen Clark

Paul Thissen

Susan Allen

Frank Hornstein

Raymond Dehn

Joe Mullery

Diane Loeffler

Phyllis Kahn

Jean Wagenius

Jim Davnie