Lot home to Uptown condo destroyed by fire going on the market

The site of last winter’s condo fire at 1508 W. Lake St. will soon feature a for-sale sign.

The residents have decided to liquidate the property, according to the condo association president, who asked to withhold his name from print. He said city rules require that in order to sell the lot, they must clean up, seed and sod the area.

“We have to wait until it actually becomes spring,” he said during a stretch of cold April weather.

The site’s zoning limits new construction to two-and-a-half stories. The zoning allows residential structures or commercial uses that are considered compatible with a residential area.

Condo owner Andrea Johnson said she is anxious to move forward.

“Everybody is in a holding pattern,” she said. “These things take a lot of time. It’s a real test of faith. All we can do is wait. If everything is settled in mid-June or July, I will be a happy camper.”

Johnson said she is resettled in an apartment in the Cedar-Isles-Dean neighborhood, and she knows of another resident who is temporarily living with family.

The Red Cross temporarily housed one resident at a hotel, said spokesman LynetteNyman, who arrived at the scene of the Dec. 28 fire with volunteers and social workers.

“Most of the people were insured,” she said. “Most of the people had resources available from friends and family.”

Nyman said she was sorry to hear about the residents’ decision to sell the land.

“People were really emotionally affected,” she said. “It was a very traumatic experience.”

Amore Victoria opened a donation fund and raised more than $16,000 for the fire victims at a benefit last January.

Owner Jenna Victoria said she delivered checks of $1,350 to all thirteen residents — she spent two months tracking down one resident who had relocated to an assisted living facility.

Fire victims that previously patronized the restaurant on a weekly basis aren’t living nearly as close, she said, but they continue to visit often.

“A lot of them did express an interest in staying in the neighborhood,” Victoria said. “They were so amazed at the neighborhood support.”