A new network for home-based businesses

Credit: Michelle Bruch

A group of home-based businesses are reaching out in Kingfield — a long table of them recently Dined Out for Life at TheLowbrow in support of The Aliveness Project.

The next (Home)Base event is 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 16 at The Lowbrow, 4244 Nicollet Ave.* The event includes beer, wine and light snacks, and the cost is $10 for Kingfield residents and $15 for residents outside the neighborhood.

The group is still in its infancy, but they’re strategizing regular meet-ups.

“We could walk dogs together, run together in the morning, or go to a happy hour,” said Scott Mueller of Indoff. “Especially now, knowing how long the winter was, this is especially valuable.”

The diners included Pamela Kocinski, a life coach who recently started a business helping women over 50 thrive at the end of a divorce.

“So much serendipity brought me to this [group],” she said. “I was just getting started.”

Sharon Hagford said she lived in the same house for 42 years and hardly knew her neighbors before she started networking. She took up wildlife photography after retiring from a career in education.

Other diners included Christine Daves, a professional organizer: “You can never network too much,” she said; and Josh Robertson, who bought a house in the neighborhood and sells specialty plastic compounds for a medical device company: “This is a real chance to step out and meet other people in the neighborhood,” he said.

*The May 16 event has a new location, listed above. An RSVP to scottm@kingfield.org is required.