Lake Calhoun nearing late ice out record

It was a strange sight last weekend, as a man stood out on the ice near the south shore of Lake Calhoun and posed for photo. It was April 20. On the same day last year, Calhoun had been ice-free for a month.

Lake Calhoun is flirting with a record this spring. The latest ice out day since the Minneapolis Park Board began collecting data 63 years ago is April 28. That occurred in 1965.

The average ice out date for Lake Calhoun is April 9. The earliest ice out date for Lake Calhoun occurred on March 9, 2000, according to Park Board data. The Park Board has also collected ice out data for other city lakes, but Calhoun is the most complete.

We’re four days from breaking the 1965 record. Temperatures this weekend are expected in the 70s.

This morning, Calhoun still had a layer of ice, although the edges have melted. 

Can the ice last until Monday?