Burch Steak & Pizza Bar counting down to launch

The restaurant at Franklin & Hennepin opens Feb. 19.

Restaurant partners Ryan Burnet, Isaac Becker and Nancy St. Pierre Credit: Michelle Bruch

Burch Steak & Pizza Bar is moments from opening Feb. 19 at Hennepin & Franklin, featuring steaks of all sizes upstairs and charred-edged pizzas in the basement.

Chef Isaac Becker said his search for the “best beef in the country” led him to Niman Ranch, a network of farmers that follow strict protocol to protect animal welfare. Niman’s meat is on the pricier side, but Becker said he’s adjusting for that by selling small and large steak sizes, about $28 for a 12-ounce and $14 for a six-ounce.

“You’re able to get a small steak and it won’t kill you,” he said.

The executive chef is Danny Del Prado, a cook who helped open Bar La Grassa and spent the intervening years in Portland and Europe, where Becker said he worked at “some of the best restaurants in the world,” such as Noma in Copenhagen.

In the basement, the music is a touch louder, and the feel is a bit more casual. Becker said he didn’t want a bar-only operation in the basement, so restaurant partner Ryan Burnet came up with the idea of selling pizzas. The pizza menu is both classic and adventurous, ranging from margherita to lobster pizzas.

Another non-steak option is the dumpling — some made with pretzel bread, some filled with beef and spices.

“We have a lot of things that appeal to people who don’t want steak,” Becker said. “When my wife and I go out, I want a steak and she doesn’t.”