Erdrich savoring praise for ‘The Roundhouse’

KENWOOD — Birchbark Books owner Louise Erdrich is settling back into reality after receiving the National Book Award for “The Roundhouse.”

“Ice cream all around and a 10 lb piece of bronze in my carry on. Guess it did happen,” she wrote on her blog following the win.

Erdrich also recently launched a new Facebook page featuring scans of her handwritten pages, sketches of her characters, and links to legislation related to the topic of her award-winning book.

“The Roundhouse” is set on an Ojibwe reservation in North Dakota, and follows the story of a young boy attempting to uncover a terrible crime against his mother.

“I’d like to accept this in the spirit of the Turtle MountainChippewa people, and in recognition of the grace and endurance of native women,” Erdrich said in her acceptance speech. “This is a book about a huge case of injustice ongoing on reservations. Thank you for giving it a wider audience. It means so much to all of us.”