Penn Station seen as critical to Bryn Mawr

The Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association is preparing a strong argument for Penn Station, one of two stops in that neighborhood for the proposed Southwest Light Rail Transit [LRT] line, and one neighborhood leaders fear could be dropped before construction begins.

The association’s board of directors on Dec. 12 reviewed a draft version of the neighborhood’s official response to the Southwest LRT draft environmental impact statement released in October. More than one-third of the bullet points in the letter related to Penn Station, planned for an area just south of where Penn Avenue crosses Interstate 394.

As currently planned, the station would require a 420-foot bridge to connect the station platform to Penn Avenue, and some think the design could prove too costly or complicated to be included when the line opens in 2018. The neighborhood’s letter argues that, without the station, Bryn Mawr would be “negatively impacted” by light rail, missing out on development opportunities and a connection to popular biking and walking trails in the Kenilworth Corridor.