The relationships that sustain us

The writing’s a little fancier, but the Kingfield/Fulton Farmers Market mission statement boils down to this:

Support small family farmers and craftspeople;

Educate people about healthful eating; and

Bring communities closer together.

Our Sunday, Nov. 18 holiday market is not only our biggest, but it brings together our largest community. Crowd-wise, there’s plenty of cross-pollination between our Saturday and Sunday markets each outdoor-market week, this is the time for us to come together, in one spot, to share memories of the season and one more grab at locally grown produce (among lots of other stuff).

Folks on the east side of Lake Harriet may not be familiar with Uproot Farms’ fantastic root veggies and Sarah’s huge smile, and folks on the west side may not have experienced Pete and Anna’s similarly awesome Waxwing Farm produce. That Sunday is a chance for the twain to meet.

Just as our volunteer board has made friends stretching from 35W to France, the Holiday market is a place to compare notes about Washburn and Southwest highs, exult in the 50th & Bryant restaurant boom, or collectively celebrate the new Lyndale Avenue bridge all while eating Patisserie 46 baked goods and yummy street food!

It’s a chance to support the vendors you’ve come to know over a long season — I really can’t tell you how much they need additional markets once the outdoor season closes. That’s why we’re starting Winter markets in January and February at Bachman’s at 60th & Lyndale. We won’t have produce, but we’ll have grass-fed beef, cheese, fish, freshly canned sauces and veggies, food trucks and a few surprises to come!

The Holiday market, coming a few days before Thanksgiving, features plenty of artisans so you can get an early jump on gift-giving. Folks may not know it, but this year city rules changed that limit the number of crafts we can have. The Holiday market is a chance for them to show off.

But more than anything, it’s a chance to keep our connections fresh. We love the food, and the music, and the stuff , but the personal relationships are what sustains us.