July burglary spike in Fifth Precinct

The Fifth Precinct experienced an unusual 60 burglaries during the week of July 16, according to a crime update email sent by the precinct on August 3.


The one-week crime “spike” was concentrated in the northwest part of the precinct around Lake of the Isles, Sgt. William Palmer wrote in an email.


Garage burglaries accounted for 38 of the cases. The burglars targeted high-end bikes, Palmer reported.


Police arrested several juveniles and adults in connection with the crimes. A man was charged in three cases, and investigation into any connections between the suspects continues.


“Spikes do occur at various times during the year,” Palmer wrote. “Bikes and lawnmowers are taken more often in the summer and snow blowers in the winter.”


Burglars take objects they can sell that season, Palmer added.


Crime dropped back to normal levels the week after the spike. The precinct experienced 23 burglaries, including 9 garage burglaries, during the week of July 24. The total number of reported burglaries included crimes in businesses,

houses and apartments, as well as apartment storage units and laundry rooms.


Palmer encouraged residents to immediately call 911 to report suspicious activity, noting that 911 calls were helpful in some investigations of the burglary spike. In some cases, police responders caught and identified suspects upon

arriving at the scene.