Civic Beat // Permit-only parking coming to three blocks in Uptown

Neighbors who live within a stone’s throw of the heart of Uptown successfully petitioned the city to make their blocks permit-only parking. 


Three blocks — Girard Avenue between 31st and 32nd, Knox Avenue between Lake and 31st, and 31st Street between Girard and Fremont — will become critical parking blocks, which means only residents of the block and their

guests can park on the block if they purchase permits.


City Council Member Meg Tuthill (Ward 10) said some neighbors have been working on getting permit-only parking for over a year. She said the parking changes were citizen-driven and weren’t introduced by council members.


Neighbors have to get 75 percent of their block to sign off on the idea, and that includes all residents of apartment buildings. 


Tuthill said she was hopeful the changes would benefit the whole community. With the recent addition of the 436-stall MoZaic parking ramp near the Hennepin and Lagoon intersection, Tuthill said visitors would still have plenty of

places to park. 


“I hope it will encourage people to use the ramps,” she said. “I hope it brings some relief to the residents. So we’re going to keep our fingers crossed and count on it being a win-win for everybody.”


Only residents of the new critical parking blocks can purchase permits. Permits cost $25 and last one year, although new critical parking blocks require a $10 startup fee. Each resident with a valid driver’s license can purchase two

permits, so residents can hold an extra permit for when they have visitors. 


The big question now is whether or not more Uptown blocks will follow suit. With the three new blocks going to critical parking, Uptown now has five permit-only parking blocks.


Development is booming in Uptown, with several apartment buildings under construction that will add hundreds and possibly thousands of residents to the area. 


New developments typically have underground parking for residents, but Tuthill said some residents opt to instead save on parking costs and park on the street. 


Tuthill said she wasn’t sure how many more blocks, if any, were in the process of collecting signatures from 75 percent of their neighbors. 


“I’ve had a number of people come in over the last couple years and talk about getting it started and it’s gone nowhere,” she said. 


Much of Uptown parking is metered, but there are still plenty of free on-street parking spaces northeast of the Lake and Hennepin intersection, where lots of development is underway. 


The new permit-only parking rules begin Aug. 27. 




Reconstruction of Parade Parkway set


Reconstruction of Parade Parkway, a connection for Kenwood residents to downtown, is scheduled to begin Sept. 10. 


The new street will be roughly in the same place as the current street, except that all parking will be moved from the soccer field side of the road to the Ice Garden side of the road. 


The project will cost $700,000 to $800,000 and much of the work should be completed by mid-November, said Cliff Swenson, the Park Board’s director of design and project management. 


The road will be closed during construction. A detour will maintain access to the Ice Garden and Blake School.


Swenson said the Park Board considered moving the road to the other side of soccer field, but he said neighbors preferred keeping the road in the same place. Neighbors were concerned that by moving it to the east the road would

become a shortcut for motorists.