Dolan to retire as police chief

Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan plans to retire after six years on the job, according to city of Minneapolis press release.

Dolan’s career began with MPD 29 years ago. A North Minneapolis native and De La Salle alum, Dolan worked his way up through the department to become chief.  “I have lived in or worked for the City of Minneapolis my entire life,” Dolan said in the release. “Every day that I put on the uniform, I consider myself fortunate and honored to work for the finest team I have known. Thank you all for making that possible.”

Dolan gave no indication in the press release as to why he was retiring. He will retire at the end of the year.

Dolan took over as Police Chief in 2006, when crime was spiking in Minneapolis. In 2006, 6,480 violent crimes occurred in Minneapolis, according to Results Minneapolis stats. In 2011, that number dropped to 3,811. Homicides have decreased from 56 in 2006 to 37 in 2011.


“Tim Dolan stepped in as chief in the middle of a public-safety crisis and immediately began to spearhead a significant, multi-year decrease in crime,” Mayor R.T. Rybak said in a statement. “It wasn’t an accident: we worked closely together for months and years on a series of smart strategies that engaged every community in our city and made every part of Minneapolis dramatically safer.”

Rybak’s comments were echoes by Don Samuels, the north side City Council member who chairs the city’s public safety committee.

 “Tim Dolan has overseen the most dramatic reduction in violent crime in recent memory,” Samuels said. “He has accomplished this in the toughest economy, with a combination of strong leadership, technological innovation and breakthrough strategic thinking. The city is a safer place because of Chief Dolan’s excellent service.”