Primebar coming to Calhoun Square

The former home of Ill Gatto and Figlio will not stay vacant for long. National restaurant operator Restaurants-America has confirmed that it will open the fifth location in its Primebar chain in the space this spring.

Restaurants-America Vice President of Operations Marc Wuenschel describes Primebar as an upscale bar with an eclectic and unique menu, which includes steaks, sandwiches, tacos, salads and more. The bar will feature 40 beers, 40 wines and a variety of signature cocktails. Menu prices range from under $10 for small plates to $30 larger entrees.

“The uptown area really fit the energy of our brand,” said Wuenschel. “We think we can really bring an added value to the area. It’s a great place to hang out and have fun.”

Wuenschel said the Primebar location will host live music and entertainment on the weekends and that Minneapolis would be considered for other Restaurant-America concepts. The group also owns concepts called Red Star Tavern, Bluepoint, The Grillroom, Midtown, Townhouse and One North.

The Calhoun Square space is 7,500 sq. feet, with room for about 210 people inside and another 60 in an outdoor seating area. Edina-based Parasole Restaurant Holdings operated the space as Figlio for 25 years and Ill Gatto for two. Parasole closed Ill Gatto in December, but still operates the Uptown Cafeteria in Calhoun Square and Chino Latino on the opposite corner of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street.

Wuenschel expects the new Primebar location to open by late May or early June.