Parks update // Swimming dock success means expansion to Cedar, Nokomis

After much fanfare last summer at the new swimming docks at lakes Calhoun, Harriet and Nokomis, the Park Board has allocated more money in its 2012 budget to add two more docks.

Park Board President John Erwin said park users can expect a swimming dock at Cedar Lake as well as a second dock at Lake Nokomis next summer.

The docks cost about $7,000 each. The Park Board voted to add the Nokomis dock at a budget mark-up session Dec. 7. The Cedar Lake dock was not added in that mark-up, but Erwin said he’s certain it will be funded in time for the 2012 beach season.


Crews will dredge pond near Calhoun

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District plans to dredge 2,200 cubic yards of sediment this winter from a small pond on the southwest corner of Lake Calhoun.

The pond is at the intersection of 38th Street and Xerxes Avenue. It’s just south of two longer ponds that run along Calhoun Parkway near the volleyball courts.

According to the MCWD, the dredging is part of routine maintenance to allow the pond to capture polluted water that otherwise would have run into Lake Calhoun. It also helps prevent flooding by providing water storage during heavy rainfalls.

The pond hasn’t been dredged since 2004. The dredging will give the pond more capacity to hold water and remove pollutants.

The MCWD says the work will occur in January and February. Residents and park users can expect to see trucks hauling out sediment. Any damage that occurs to vegetation near the pond will be repaired in the spring.


Park Board approves contract for Parade Park music festival

First Avenue will hold an outdoor music festival at Parade Park on the weekend of July 21-22.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board on Dec. 7 approved a five-year contract with the music venue so that it can hold a two-day festival.

Under the proposed  contract, the Park Board will get $2 from every ticket sold in 2012 plus 15 percent of gross beverage and food sales. First Avenue will progressively have to pay more to the Park Board for admissions each year, and by 2016 the Park Board will get $3.25 per head.

Dayna Frank, First Avenue’s executive vice president, said in late November that the club hasn’t decided if the festival will be Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday.

Parade Park is just west of downtown, north of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and south of the Dunwoody College of Technology.


It’s official: Dog Park coming to Lyndale Farmstead

The Park Board, on an 8-0 vote, approved Lyndale Farmstead Park’s Southside Operations Center parking lot to be the site of a dog park.

That site will require the Park Board to tear up a parking lot and find a new place to keep equipment.

Only Commissioner Annie Young (at-large) did not vote for the site. She abstained from voting after airing concerns over the cost of the site and parking.

If plans go accordingly, work will begin on the site this summer. 


Annual meeting will decide Park Board leaders

Erwin says he is seeking a third one-year term as Park Board president when the nine-member board chooses leadership.

On Jan. 3, the Park Board is scheduled to hold its annual meeting. Members will nominate and vote for Park Board president and vice president.

Erwin, an at-large commissioner, was first selected Park Board President in 2010 and was chosen again in 2011.

Annie Young, also an at-large commissioner, is currently serving as vice president.