Eyemusement brings fashionable frames from East Isles to the worldwide web

Susan Moore and Mary Jane Pappas, founders of a new homed-based eyeglasses and accessories company named Eyemusement, go way, way back.

Now in their mid-60s, the women have been friends for over 30 years. Around the time their friendship was just beginning, each was in the process of starting their own interior design companies, both of which are still active — Moore is owner of Moore and Associates, while Pappas runs Pappas Design.

In fact, as Eyemusement’s website explains, the friends “joke about dating many of the same men (though never at the same time).”

In recent years, Moore and Pappas spent less time discussing men and more time talking about the possibility of starting a joint business venture. The fruit of those conversations is Eyemusement, an East Isles-based, all-online retail store.

As Pappas puts it, Eyemusement’s glasses, most of which are custom designed, are meant to be “playful and fun yet something you could wear to the office.” Frame designs are based on everything from glasses Moore and Pappas have seen their friends wear to antique frames discovered after years sitting neglected in the glove compartments of unused vehicles to popular, in-fashion styles.

All of Eyemusement’s glasses, which come with non-prescription lenses, cost $90. Prescription lenses can be installed for an additional cost.

Moore and Pappas are also in the process of rolling out collections of locally designed colliers and earrings.

As any glasses-wearer can attest, $90 is a relative pittance for new frames. How are Moore and Pappas able to offer their product at such a reasonable price-point?

In response to that question, Pappas said “after we examined how much it costs to have glasses made, we honestly don’t know how other people are able to have such a high price-point.”

One factor that helps keeps costs down is that Eyemusement is run of out Moore’s East Isles living room. The friends and business partners said they have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon.

“We feel this is the direction that American consumption and world consumption is going — more online purchases,” Pappas said.

For more information about the company or to order glasses, check out Eyemusement’s website at eyemusement.com.

— Reach Aaron Rupar at [email protected]