Drink bar employee dies after scuffle with patrons

An employee at Uptown Drink Restaurant and Bar died March 29, six days after he hit his head while helping remove two men from the building.

Max Henson, 23, hit his head on the concrete while escorting the men out after they attempted to assault the manager, said Sgt. Bill Palmer of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Henson died six days later at Hennepin County Medical Center of a “traumatic brain injury,” according to a memorial page on the Benson & Langehough Funeral Home website.

Jason Sunby, 25, and Nicholas Anderson, 24, were booked for fifth-degree assault for the incident with the manager, Palmer said.

Drink did not answer phone calls for comments on the incident Tuesday. The bar is located at 1400 Lagoon Avenue.

The case is being examined by the police’s homicide unit and will be forwarded to the county attorney’s office to determine if other charges are necessary.

Henson was born in Minneapolis in 1987, but moved to Northfield with his family while he was young, according to the online memorial page. A 2008 graduate of Northfield High School, he was studying economics and photography at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, while living at home to help care for his mother.