Police issue warning following string of thefts

Minneapolis police issued a public warning following a recent string of thefts from motor vehicles in the city’s Fifth Precinct.

“In the last week, there have been thefts from motor vehicles from underground or secured garages reported in 5 different buildings in Fifth Precinct. These were garages attached to or related to multi-unit dwellings. The cases occurred on the blocks of xx Groveland Terrace, 29xx Dean Pkwy, 21xx Pillsbury Av S, and 24xx Pillsbury Av S,” the warning states.

“In some cases, windows were broken to access change sitting visible inside the vehicle. Other losses included CDs, cash, GPS units, gym bags, and purses. In other cases, a vehicle window was broken but no loss was found at the time of the report.”

Police urge tenants to make sure nobody is trailing them when entering a garage and to remove all valuables and items that contain personal information from vehicles. Landlords are encouraged to make sure that garages are secure and that access systems are updated to include only current tenants.

To help them focus patrol appropriately, police ask residents to report all theft-related incidents and suspicious activity to the Police Department.