French Meadow robbed at gunpoint

The French Meadow bakery, located at 2610 S. Lyndale Ave., was robbed at gunpoint on Thursday night.

According to Laura Quist, an employee at the bakery who was working at the time of the robbery, two men entered the store at about 10:40 p.m., shortly after closing time.

“One of the guys grabbed another employee, held a gun to his head and asked (the employee) to bring him to the manager. We all dropped to the ground,” she said.

Quist said that one of her colleagues managed to call police from her cell phone while lying on the ground, while another ran out the back door of the bakery and then called police from the neighboring CC Club.

According to Quist, the robber with the gun was able to procure the cash from the store’s till, then escape out the back door of the bakery. He has not yet been apprehended. Quist said that the other robber seemed to be “just kind of confused” and loitered in the front of the bakery after his accomplice fled. He eventually left through the front door, and police arrested him moments later.

Both men wore ski masks during the robbery. 

Police documents identify the arrestee as Tylynne Wilson, 28, a resident of the 2600 block of S. Pleasant Ave.

For Quist, 22, Thursday night proved to be a harrowing second training shift, but she said she has no second thoughts about her new job at French Meadow.

“I didn’t have a gun to my head and I didn’t really realize what was going on. I remember trying to look up while my head is down and thinking, ‘is this real?’ It just didn’t really set it or hit me,” she said.