For the music lover

In case you haven’t heard, vinyl is cool again. So, if you’re shopping for a music fanatic, there’s a good chance that person has a turntable. If they do, you’d better check out Treehouse Records at 26th and Lyndale.

Treehouse has a huge selection of new and used records covering a variety of genres and price points. Albums range from funk to folk, rock to reggae, 50-cent obscurities to $100 rarities. Whether you’re looking to spend a buck or two on a vintage Barbara Streisand album, or you’re willing to plunk down $173 for a new Slayer box set, the store probably has what you’re looking for.

Manager Dan Cote said the only thing the shop is short on is hip-hop and techno. Treehouse carries many local artists and storeowner Mark Trehus even has his own vinyl-focused label, Nero’s Neptune.  

But Cote cautioned that unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, the store’s gift cards might make the best gifts.

“Honestly, as a music junkie myself, I don’t know if I’d want somebody buying music for me,” Cote said.

Flipping through records is part of the fun and often times a customer won’t know what they’re looking for until they find it. Buying used records also requires a keen eye for spotting blemishes so if you do plan to walk away with a record, be sure to give it a thorough look first.

Treehouse Records
2557 Lyndale Ave. S.


Great buys for bikers

For cyclists, there’s nothing nerdy about wearing a helmet nowadays.

“It’s become more socially acceptable and it’s an expression of style,” said Dan Copeland, an employee at Alternative Bike & Board Shop, better known as The Alt, in Lyn-Lake.

Plus, he added, it’s the safe thing to do.

But don’t just go for a traditional helmet. The Alt offers dozens of Bern all-season helmets that work for snowboarding and skateboarding in addition to cycling. They feature interchangeable liners for cold and warm weather and a modern, lightweight design that comes in a variety of colors. Prices range from $70 to around $140.

Another item advertised in the shop as a “sweet gift” is a $50 bucket of bike maintenance supplies including degreaser, chain lube, towels and other products. It’s got everything the serious cyclist needs to keep a bike clean and riding smoothly, except the tools.

The Alt also offers gift cards for tune ups, which run around $60. 

Alternative Bike & Board Shop
3013 Lyndale Ave. S.