East Hennepin and University

Presents for pups

You can’t forget about your pooch during the holidays.

If the special canine in your life has been extra good this year, find your way to Bone Adventure on East Hennepin.

You will be overwhelmed by all the possible gift ideas. Maybe your dog deserves a stylish new jacket for the winter season. If so, you will want to check out the Urban Hund corduroy wraps ($26). The jackets come in brown, green and red. Another good option for the winter is a pair of boots. The store carries a line called Bark’n Boots Grip Trex ($60).

If your dog is still a loyal Vikings fan despite the depressing season, there are a number of Purple-pride pooch outfits.

Or maybe your dog suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder and is dreaming of playing on the beach. Bone Adventure sells a plush dog toy shaped like a Corona beer with a lime for $10. If your dog craves the real deal, you can buy a Minnesota brewed beer broth for canines. The beverage comes in three varieties and sells for $3.50.

Bone Adventure has tons of special dogs treats, including Kung Fu Fido fortune cookies and adorable “I heart NE” frosted dog cookies.

Bone Adventure
312 E. Hennepin Ave.


Books at Bibelot

Bibelot has a huge assortment of holiday gift ideas.

For one, the store carries the new poetry book, “SEASONS: Poems from the Southwest Journal Poetry Project.” (We can’t resist the opportunity for self-promotion.)

The book, published by the Trolley Car Press, features more than 100 poems from more than 40 local poets who have contributed to the Journal’s quarterly poetry project. The poetry collection ($17.95) also features gorgeous illustrations from our illustrator WACSO.  

Bibelot also carries the new Chinook Book — a coupon book for Twin Cities businesses that promote sustainable living. Formerly known as the Blue Sky Guide, the publication ($20) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The book has had a big impact in its first decade in business. Roughly 1.5 million coupons have been redeemed in the Twin Cities area, according to a news release. The book has also helped 1,000 schools and nonprofits in fundraising campaigns — raising nearly $1 million through book sales.

The Chinook Books features more than 400 coupons that are worth $3,000. More than 50 Twin Cities merchants are featured, including many notable places in the Journals’ coverage area. The book also has two free Metro Transit passes. Plans are underway to roll out an iPhone app for the 2012 Twin Cities edition. For more details, visit ChinookBook.net.

Besides these two gift ideas, Bibelot has tons of other great items to consider for the people on your shopping list — unique jewelry, home furnishings, holiday decorations and many fun and offbeat gifts (i.e., Ole & Lena fortune cookies.)

300 E. Hennepin Ave.