Dunn Bros employees beaten during robbery

An armed robbery of the Dunn Bros in Uptown last month took unnecessary violence to a new level.

On Oct. 29, Ronald Harold Moore, 47, and Carlos Maurice Harris, 38, were each charged with first degree aggravated robbery and two counts of kidnapping in connection with the armed robbery of the Dunn Bros coffee shop on the 1500 block of West Lake Street in Uptown.

Policed arrived on the scene shortly after 10 p.m. Oct. 27 to find two baristas closing the coffee shop with head and face injuries. According to the criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County court, one of the women was pistol whipped on the side of the head and both were stomped on the back of the heads by one of the suspects before both fled the scene.

According to the complaint, Moore and Harris walked into the coffee shop shortly before 10 p.m. while the two baristas were preparing for closing.

One of the men, later identified as Moore, ordered a caramel mocha and then proceeded to pull out a handgun after one of the women behind the counter asked him what size he would like. Moore then stated, “Give me all your money and put it in this bag,” and told the two women to sit on the floor. He presented a black messenger bag for the cash.

Not satisfied with the amount of cash, Moore demanded to know where the rest of the money was. After one of the women said there wasn’t any more, Moore hit her on the side of the head with a pistol and stated, “I’m not playing, I will shoot you.” The other woman then quickly told him that there was a safe in the back room and Moore ordered both of the victims to get up and walk to the back at gunpoint. One of the women was told to put the money from the safe into the same black bag.

The two employees then stated they noticed another man, later identified as Harris, standing outside the room.
The suspects then told the victims to lay face down on the floor, and Moore ordered Harris to tie the women’s hands, feet and necks with a rope. However, the victims said that Harris only bound their feet and hands. According to the report, both victims stated that one of the suspects had stomped on their heads on the way out of the coffee shop for no apparent reason.

After the two suspects left the coffee shop, one of the customers, still present as the robbery was taking place, immediately dialed 911 and Minneapolis Police officers were quick to respond.

Officers caught up with Moore down the street, not too far from the coffee shop. He was no longer in possession of the black messenger bag and said that the other man with him had a gun and that he was just helping him out.

After Moore was arrested, officers back-tracked and found the black bag containing the handgun and cash from the robbery.
Harris was apprehended east of Lake St. towards Holmes Ave. as he was trying to hop a fence.

Both men are still in custody awaiting trial. Each bail is set at $100,000, and if convicted both could face up to 40 years in prison.

A similar armed robbery took place just six weeks before at the next-door Bruegger’s Bagels. According to the Minneapolis Police Department, the two robberies have not been linked, but the possibility is being investigated.