Fifth Precinct honors outstanding neighbors

The Fifth Precinct held its first-ever Community Impact Award ceremony Sept. 14 to honor community members that have helped the Minneapolis Police Department and worked to make their neighborhoods safer.

Crime Prevention Specialist Amy Lavender said the Fifth Precinct is the only of the city’s five police precincts that holds such a ceremony. Lavender, Crime Prevention Specialist Chelsea Adams and several police officers, including Police Chief Tim Dolan, were on hand to honor 13 community members.

Here is a list of those honored and a description of their public service, according to the Minneapolis Police Department:

Matthew Cohen called 911 to report a drunk driver whom he saw driving erratically. He followed the vehicle and stayed on the phone to help police locate the vehicle and apprehend the driver. Cohen made a citizens arrest.

Jim Fiala installed an advanced surveillance system on his home that has helped police convict multiple graffiti offenders.

Milt Floyd was presented his award posthumously. Floyd became a block leader when there was a spike in crime in the Windom Gables town home community in the Windom neighborhood. Floyd died scuba diving in July.

Robert Giancoloa and Thomas McDaniels watched as a suspect tried to steal Giancoloa’s car. The two men called 911 and when an officer arrived the situation escalated. Giancoloa and McDaniels put their safety on the line to help the officer apprehend a “dangerous criminal.”

The Fifth Precinct holds open houses that help officers connect with the community. Donations by CVS Pharmacy mangers Hank Jensen and Dan McClure helped make the events successful, as did food donations from Scott Woolsey, owner of Scott Ja-Mamas Restaurant.

Becky Moyer is a 15-year block leader in Stevens Square. She and other neighbors helped resolve drug and prostitution problems in the Clinton sector. For a full story on Moyer, see page B6.

As a Whittier resident and representative of the Whittier Business Association, Becky Olson has been involved with multiple committees and was a great voice for the Fair Oaks Apartments before she retired.

The Stevens Square Community Organization has the longest active block patrol in the city and frequently partners with law enforcement. Executive Director Steve Gallagher and Safety Coordinator Dave Delvoye lead a team of dedicated staff members and volunteers who patrol the neighborhoods.

When Mark Tucker witnessed a suspect robbing a local pharmacy, he dialed 911 and followed the suspect out of the store. When the suspect got into a taxi, Tucker stood in its way. When the suspect went to another taxi, he wrote down the license plate number. The suspect has been charged as a result.


Five Whittier residents hospitalized from carbon monoxide leak

Five residents of an apartment building at 2633 Stevens Avenue South were transported to Hennepin County Medical Center Sept. 21 after carbon monoxide leaked into the building, according to the Minneapolis Fire Department.

Firefighters were dispatched to the building at 12:30 a.m. When they arrived they discovered residents were showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning — headaches and nausea. The building was evacuated, according to department press release.

Meters showed that carbon monoxide was present throughout the building. The property manager, according to the release, reported that the building did not have any carbon monoxide detectors.

Centerpoint Energy responded to the scene and residents were let back into the building at 3:30 a.m., according to the release.

The condition of the five victims is unknown.

The Fire Department is reminding residents that with winter approaching they should check their furnace and make sure they have working carbon monoxide detectors within 10 feet of all sleeping areas.