Newest development proposal: A courtyard with pool and movie screen in the heart of the Uptown nightlife scene

A new development proposal in Uptown calls for the construction of a three-level restaurant with a rooftop patio, plus a private, ground-level courtyard with a pool and movie screen in the heart of the Uptown nightlife scene.

The courtyard would go between Cowboy Slim’s and the new restaurant, which would be built directly across from the Lagoon Cinema on Lagoon Avenue, according to a plan submitted to the city of Minneapolis.

The owner of the site is Uptown Gassen LLC, which is owned by Clark Gassen.

Gassen is proposing a 3,000 square-foot, single-level retail building that would go along Girard Avenue between Lake Street and Lagoon. Underneath the proposed development would be a 125-car parking ramp.

The restaurant’s three levels would total 16,000 square feet, with 6,000 square feet of rooftop space.

The remaining space, which would be surrounded by Cowboy Slim’s on the south, the new restaurant to the north, the new retail space on the west and Cheapo Discs on the east, would be a 13,000 square foot courtyard. Included in the courtyard would be a 555-square-foot swimming pool and two service bars. There would be a movie screen on the backside of Cowboy Slim’s.

If approved and constructed, the restaurant would become the fourth rooftop patio in Uptown. The previous three — Stella’s Fish Café, Uptown Drink and the Uptown Cafeteria’s Sky Bar — opened in 2005 or later.

Gassen said he hopes to present the development proposal to the local neighborhood associations in September.