Bryant Lake Bowl operator plans to buy Caseys Bar and Grill

Kim Bartmann, who runs popular Lake Street establishments Bryant Lake Bowl and Barbette, said she has a purchase agreement for Casey’s Bar and Grill, 3510 Nicollet Ave.

Bartmann wouldn’t offer specifics on what she will do with the space. She is asking to present to the Kingfield and Lyndale neighborhood groups soon to show them her plans.

She said the renovation will last a couple weeks and said work will be done on the kitchen and dining area. Casey’s has a very limited food menu.

“We’re a very food-focused company, so I think that will be a major change,” she said.

Bartmann said Casey’s current owner has taken good care of the place and kept it clean.

“It has a lot of potential,” she said. “It’s a cute old bar.”

Bartmann said that with Blackbird Café relocating to 38th and Nicollet and rumors of other potential restaurant openings, Nicollet is getting a dining boost.

Bartmann, who battled road reconstruction in front of Bryant Lake Bowl for two summers, is likely to face it again when Nicollet Avenue is rebuilt in 2012.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” she said.