Police nab suspect in string of break-ins

A 25-year-old man was charged Monday for attempting to break into four Minneapolis residences and threatening women inside, according to Minneapolis police.

The 10 charges against Michael Brian Hill span over one month, beginning June 2 and ending when police arrested him July 5 after he broke into a home on 62nd Street West in the Windom neighborhood, according to police.

In two of the incidents, police say Hill was successful in breaking into the homes and once briefly fought a woman, injuring her face.

According to police:

•    On June 2 Hill threatened to sexually assault a woman through her bedroom window on the 5600 block of Nicollet Avenue. He also said he would shoot her. The woman fled the room.
•    On June 7 Hill again threatened to sexually assault a woman, this time through the window of her northeast Minneapolis home. Again, he threatened to shoot the woman and she fled the room. Hill left the area.
•    On June 11 Hill entered a woman’s ground floor apartment in southeast Minneapolis around 4 a.m., while the woman was sleeping. When the woman tried to escape the room, Hill tried to grab her, injuring her face. Hill then fled the apartment.  
•    On July 5 Hill cut the screen from a woman’s living room on the 200 block of 62nd St. West around 4:20 a.m. Hill told the woman to disrobe or she would be harmed and he would shoot her infant son. The woman took her son and fled. She called 911 and officers arrived in the neighborhood shortly after, finding Hill. During an interview with police, Hill admitted to the four incidents.

Hill is charged with one count of attempted sexual assault; two counts of burglary; three counts of attempted burglary and four counts of terroristic threats.

Hill is in custody at the Hennepin County Workhouse in regards to an unrelated case.