Historic commission backs demolition of Wedge building

THE WEDGE — The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission approved the demolition of a deteriorating Wedge building at their meeting on July 27.

Demolition of the former Twin City Separator Company building, 2837 Dupont Ave. S., will move forward if an appeal is not filed with the Commission by Friday and if a number of conditions are met. Those conditions include: retention and reinforcement of the building’s southern basement wall, final approval from the Community Planning and Economic Development preservation staff, historical documentation of the building — including photographs — prior to demolition and the creation of a sign panel indicating the building’s historical significance.

After demolition, the remaining wall would serve as al retaining wall bordering the Midtown Greenway path that winds behind the property. The proposed sign would contain information regarding the history of the Twin City Separator Company and the surrounding area.

On July 21, the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association [LHENA] Board of Directors voted to ratify a letter expressing their support of the building’s demolition.
Gary Mannor of Mission Construction, the company hired to demolish the building, said it has considerable structural damage. Mannor and board members discussed reports of squatters living in the abandoned brick building.

Mannor brought pictures of the building’s damage and explained the necessity for the demolition, which will come out of property owner’s pocket.

Sue Bode was the only board member who did not vote in favor of the letter’s ratification. Bode abstained, citing the past frequency of incidents of owners buying buildings and allowing them to deteriorate beyond repair.

Senior city planner Aaron Hanauer said he was not sure if an appeal would be filed by Friday, but confirmed there are no plans for the site’s redevelopment. He also said he was confident the demolition conditions would be met.