Bike Film Festival starts today

The 10th anniversary of the Bicycle Film Festival is set for July 15-17 in Minneapolis.

Cyclist Brent Farber started the festival 10 years ago. He was riding his bike in New York when a bus hit him, and he used this negative experience to create something positive, said Jen Whalen, an event staff member.

“This is a big event to celebrate the bicycle through art, culture, music, and film,” Whalen said. The festival runs from June to December, traveling to a different location every weekend.

This year, the event will feature a film produced by Spike Jonze as well as other films.

The festival is more than just films — in fact, “[It] throws the best parties!” laughed Whalen. Each day is packed with fun events to celebrate the bicycle, including group bike rides, the annual alley-cat race, and parties.

Check out the events scheduled for this weekend in Minneapolis:

July 15
– 5 p.m. Group ride to bike night, meet at Gold Medal Park

– 6:30 p.m. Program 1: Film festival Classic Shorts, free, Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2400 3rd Avenue S.

– 8 p.m. Program 2: Film festival Greatest Hits, free, Minneapolis Institute of Art

– 9 p.m. After party at Club Jager featuring DJ Pandora’s Box

July 16
– 7 p.m. Program 3: The Birth of Big Air, Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave.S.

– 9 p.m. Program 4: Bike Shorts, Cedar Cultural Center

– 10 p.m. After party at Bedlam Theatre featuring DJ Jam-EZ Jamez Smith

July 17
– 12:30 p.m. Alleycat Race: Photo scavenger hunt on bikes, meet at Gold Medal Park, $5 fee

– 5 p.m. Program 5: Riding the Long White Cloud, Cedar Cultural Center

– 7 p.m. Program 6: The Cyclocross Meeting, Cedar Cultural Center

– 9 p.m. Program 7: Urban Bike Shorts, Cedar Cultural Center

– 10 p.m. After party at One on One Bicycle Studio

Unless otherwise noted, all events are free. The screenings are $8 each; weekend passes are available for $32.

For more information on the Bicycle Film Festival, including trailers for the films and opportunities to purchase tickets, go to