Biz buzz // Twin Cities Green to move

Twin Cities Green moving, changing name to Moss Envy

May is the last month to shop Twin Cities Green at 2405 Hennepin Ave. S. before the store changes names and moves from the area.

Ryan North, who started the business a couple years ago with wife Tina, said the store would be moving a couple miles southwest, closer to the lakes, but he couldn’t provide the exact address yet because the deal was still being finalized.

The main reason for the move, he said, was problematic parking at the current location.

“Every day we have people come in and say, ‘man I know you’ve been here for a couple years but I’m just now getting in,’ and the resounding reason seems to be related to kind of the annoyance of Uptown traffic and a lack of parking,” North said.

With the move, the owners decided to re-brand the business, though the focus will be largely the same.

The new store will be called Moss Envy and will continue to carry recycled, reclaimed, natural, organic and sustainable items. Some new products, including clothes made with natural materials, will be offered. The store will also feature earth-friendly building materials, such as paint, flooring and counter tops. Other items that haven’t sold well will be eliminated.   

North said the goal is to stay green, but expand the customer base beyond the green niche.  

“We feel like we’ve done a great job reaching out to people who would align themselves with being green or at least green curious,” North said. “Now we’re forging into getting everyone else who may not identify themselves with the green movement.”

North said he hopes the store’s loyal customers will follow it wherever it goes and no matter what it’s named.

For more information about the store, go to or call 374-4581.


Twin brothers open Lyn-Lake comic shop

Twin brothers Jayson Spirtos and Sage James Spirtos, 35, realized a dream May 1 with the opening of their own comic shop at 818 W. Lake St.

Named Double Danger Comics & Collectibles in reference to their relation and the Twin Cities, the shop carries a large assortment of comics for a wide age range, as well as novelty items, toys and collectibles. The brothers are transplants from Santa Monica, Calif., who moved here together after Sage got married and decided to start a family. The siblings also have family members living in the metro.

Both were employed at a large comic store before the move and had dreamed of opening their own store. The chance came when Jayson, initially planning a culinary career, hurt his hand. They decided to pool some money together for a comic business and started searching for sites.

“We really hunted around and did a lot of research,” Jayson said. “We went to places where comic shops were open and where they closed to see what happened in the area. I really like the neighborhood of Lyn-Lake… I really like neighborhood, the atmosphere, and everyone we’ve talked to is really excited for us to have a comic shop.”

The store stocks everything from whoopee cushions and bubble gum soap to collectors’ comics valued at more than $3,000. The store also features a section for children and a reading area in the front window.

“There really aren’t any family-oriented comic shops,” Jayson said. “So we really wanted to make room for that.”  

The shop’s logo features a giant woman and a robot terrorizing the Twin Cities as residents, including one in an old Minnesota letterman’s sweater, flee the scene. The store’s hours are 11 a.m.–9 p.m. Wednesday–Thursday, 10 a.m.–9 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday.

Check out or call 824-1692 for more information.


Teahouse coming to Uptown

A small, independent tea shop based in Eau Claire, Wis., is branching out to Uptown with plans to open a new store this month at 2827 Hennepin Ave. S.

 It will be the second location for Infinitea Teahouse, which specializes in loose-leaf tea, featuring roughly 200 varieties including white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, pu-erh tea, chai tea and many others. The huge selection is sourced from all over the world, said Paul Nyborg, who works at the Wisconsin store.

He said customers in Uptown will be able to purchase loose-leaf tea or bagged tea to take home, or they can order a pot or a cup and enjoy it in the store, which will have all the amenities of a coffee shop, including wireless Internet. He said Infinitea’s offerings would please veteran tea drinkers as well novices and offer a healthy beverage option in the area.  

Uptown was chosen for the company’s second location because of the area’s diverse, health-conscious, free-thinking population, Nyborg said.

Hours for the new location have not been set yet, but the shop will be open daily. For more information on Infinitea Teahouse, go to  


Grand Café, community mourn loss of executive chef

Jonathan Radle, executive chef at Grand Café, died unexpectedly April 17 at the age of 30.

Radle was an experienced, well-loved, award-winning chef who worked at a number of local restaurants prior to starting in 2007 at the Grand Café, which is located at 3804 Grand Ave. S.

 “Jon’s unpretentious style and enthusiastic love of food and cooking infused the café with a warm and welcoming air,” said restaurant owners Mary and Dan Hunter on the café’s Facebook page.

They said he was modest and hardworking and “set the tone at the café making it an intimate community working together. Jon was an integral part of this community and family. He will be deeply missed.”

Grand Café closed briefly after Radle’s death. Associate chef Ben Pichler has since taken the reigns of the kitchen.


Lake Wine and Cheese to open in July

Interior and exterior remodeling is underway at long-planned high-end liquor store and cheese shop Lake Wine and Cheese, 404 W. Lake St.

Owner Binh Le said construction should be complete in a couple months and the store should open in July. It was open briefly during the holiday season, and then it closed for the facelift.

“We hope to make it a one stop shop,” Le said. “We specialize in products from all over the world.”


A chiropractor for animals and people

Moe Bodyworks, a new wellness center, has opened at 707 W. 34th St.

The owner is Dr. Moses Sara Smith (aka Dr. Moe), a chiropractor who is also certified to teach vinyasa and hot yoga classes.

Moe Bodyworks offers a range of services, including chiropractic care for animals and people, acupuncture, massage, nutrition therapy, space services and yoga and meditation.

For more information, visit