Police warn of burglary/theft spike in Bryn Mawr

The Minneapolis Police Department this week warned Bryn Mawr residents of a recent spike in burglary and theft from vehicles. 

The neighborhood experienced 11 residential burglaries and 11 thefts from vehicles between Sept. 1 and Oct. 8, according to a police crime alert sent to area residents through the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association’s e-mail list. Most of the crimes have happened at night.

Burglars have entered homes and garages by forcing doors, cutting screens and in one instance, using a garage door opener left in a car. Stolen items include cash, laptops, bikes and home electronics. 

Most of the thefts from vehicles have involved unlocked doors. Cash, laptops and GPS units were among the stolen items in those instances. 

Police urged residents to call 911 to report suspicious behavior and to lock their car, garage and house doors. Garage door openers and valuable items should not be left in plain view.