CITY COUNCIL WARD 6 // voter’s guide 2009

Ward 6 includes Whittier, Stevens Square and part of the Phillips neighborhoods. The candidates for this seat on the City Council are:

Mahamed Cali: Originally from Somalia, Cali wants to put a voice on the council that directly represents the immigrant community. His priorities are public safety No. 1, education No. 2 and supporting housing and local businesses No. 3.

Andy Exley: The chairman of the state Green Party wants City Hall to focus more on helping small businesses, plan beyond just the next five years and spread affordable housing throughout the city — beyond just the 6th Ward.

Laura Jean: Jean’s top issue is poverty. Tackle that, and solutions to other problems will follow, she says. She also wants no more increases in property taxes.

Robert Lilligren: The incumbent council member says a top priority remains reopening Nicollet Avenue at Lake Street. Lilligren says the city has built connections and support for the effort, and he sees it actually happening in the next four years.

Bruce Lundeen:
Lundeen, a maintenance mechanic, says the city should help create more jobs — but not with any more restaurants. He would rather see the arrival of more industrial job opportunities. The ward has more than enough places to eat now, he says.

Michael Tupper: Tupper sees the city’s moves with neighborhood revitalization as a shift to decrease checks and balances. He wants a return to two-year council terms to make elected officials more accountable. The council’s actions “should be more about us,” he says.

A forum featuring five of the above candidates was held Sept. 16. Click here for an overview of candidate responses.