Appeals Court dismisses city’s appeal of Parc Centrale ruling

The Minnesota Court of Appeals will not review a September district court ruling that City Council Member Lisa Goodman’s bias denied a developer his rights — for now.

Hennepin District Judge Stephen Aldrich ruled Sept. 16 that Goodman (7th Ward) failed to remain impartial during the “quasi-judicial” review of a proposed 2004 Loring Park development. Aldrich found Goodman had a “closed mind” when considering developer Brad Hoyt’s proposal for Parc Centrale, which would have been a 21-story residential tower.

The city appealed the decision nine days after the ruling, just as hearings were set to begin on damages. Hoyt’s attorneys planned to seek $17 million from the city.

The Court of Appeals on Tuesday dismissed the appeal, saying the city was ahead of itself because Aldrich’s ruling was not a final judgment. The city tried to argue that it could appeal Aldrich’s order, but the court disagreed.

The opinion, from Chief Judge Edward Toussaint Jr., added that the city could ask for appeal once a final judgment is made.