Midtown Greenway bridges undergoing maintenance

Maintenance has began on the Midtown Greenway bridges over the channel between Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun, and over East Lake Calhoun Parkway. The maintenance will be completed in mid-to-late October, according to a Hennepin county news release.

Then starting in early October maintenance work will begin on the Midtown Greenway bridge over Dean Parkway. That maintenance will be complete in mid-November, the release said.

During maintenance one lane of traffic and pedestrian access will remain open, and both lanes will be open after work hours and on weekends.

Maintenance will include concrete repair, railing work on the north side of the bridges and make sure the reinforcing steel is covered, said Joe Gladke, manger of engineering and transit planning for Hennepin County.

The maintenance will cost $533,000 and federal funding will cover the cost of maintenance, Gladke said.