Lake Harriet committee cancels Thursday meeting

The citizens’ committee investigating the future of concessions at Lake Harriet canceled its Sept. 24 meeting and won’t meet until sometime after Oct. 5.

Committee Chairman Matt Perry said the group wanted to wait for results from an ongoing study of what could be changed about the current concessions building to handle more food options. Several committee members previously expressed interest in adding to the mostly popcorn and hot dogs menu but with the caveat that they were wary of constructing a new building to do so.

The group is expecting marked-up floor plans of the refectory building, cost estimates and predictions on how the concession stand’s customer base would be affected by a change in the menu. The study is expected to be completed around Oct. 5.

“Having that information is really important to us,” Perry said.

The group’s next meeting will be its sixth and, most likely, its last. Committee members are expected to decide whether to recommend expanding food options near the lake and, if yes, how the concessions would be laid out; to approve final recommendations; and to decide who would present those recommendations to the Park Board.

Possible dates for the meeting, which will be open to the public, include Oct. 8 and Oct. 12, Perry said.

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