Practice RCV during National Night Out

FairVote Minnesota and the City of Minneapolis are coming together to spread the word about Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) tonight during National Night Out.

Minneapolis will begin using RCV for municipal elections on November 3. Previously referred to as Instant Runoff Voting, RCV will allow voters to rank multiple candidates in order of preference. This year it combines the Primary and the general Election into one event. Voters can rank up to three candidates for each municipal office.

The city will host a mock election tonight using an RCV sample ballot. Residents will have an opportunity to practice filling out a ballot while voting for their favorite bodies of water and parks.The city is looking for volunteers to help distribute ballots and spread the word about RCV. To get involved, contact Ona Keller at 605-8370 or [email protected].

Over 100 neighborhood parties are planned for this year’s National Night Out.