Neighborhood notebook // Project too tall


Lake and Knox project too tall

A proposed residential development near Lake Calhoun is too tall, the CARAG board of directors said in a letter opposing the project.

The Board voted May 19 to approve a letter opposing the building proposed for the intersection of Lake Street and Knox Avenue, which in a recent proposal would rise 65 feet. The board indicated the proposal should meet height recommendations set out in the Uptown Small Area Plan and rise no more than 35 feet.

The proposed building would be located in the East Isles neighborhood. The East Isles Residents Association also has expressed opposition to a building taller than 35 feet.

CARAG takes ownership of Uptown Market

The CARAG board of directors came close to finalizing its ownership of the Uptown Market at its May 19 meeting.

Several CARAG residents proposed the market, scheduled to take place four times this summer on 29th Street between Lyndale and Dupont avenues. The neighborhood agreed to take ownership of the market to provide the required insurance coverage.



Intermedia Arts lot the source of complaints

The Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA) board of directors agreed to write a letter in support of a developer who complained about the condition of the parking lot behind Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave. S.

Ross Fefercorn, who developed the adjacent Track 29 Lofts, sought board support for city action on the lot. Fefercorn said the lot was overgrown with weeds and littered with construction debris, devaluing his neighboring properties.

Several board members countered that an empty lot on Bryant Avenue owned by Fefercorn was itself in poor condition. He said he would make improvements to fencing that had come down.



Wisdom Within Walker award winners announced

Walker Methodist, a faith-based nonprofit serving seniors, has recognized several people with its 2009 Wisdom Within Walker awards, which are given out to residents who help enrich the lives of other members of the Walker community.

Walker residents living at the Southwest campus at 3737 Bryant Ave. S. honored with awards include: Faith Bozeman and Richard “Yale” Hicks, members of the Walker Senior Club Adult Day Program.

Bozeman received the Ambassador Award for demonstrating kindness to others and making people feel at home and welcome at Walker. Hicks got the Love of Learning award for his passion for exploring faith issues and his interest in Spanish.



ECCO holding annual super sale

The East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO) is holding its 37th annual super sale. More than 60 garage and yard sales will be held throughout the neighborhood on June 6, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. The neighborhood is bordered by Lake Street, 36th Street, Hennepin Avenue and East Calhoun Parkway. For more information, call 824-9200.



BLEND awards expanded

The third annual Building and Landscapes Enhancing the Neighborhood through Design (BLEND) Award competition, which started in Fulton, was expanded this year to Armatage, Kenny, East Harriet and Linden Hills.

The award encourages builders, architects and homeowners to create new construction that fits in with the surrounding neighborhood. The award came about after a trend of teardowns and rebuilds resulted in huge homes that didn’t match the character of their communities.

A jury of industry professionals and neighborhood residents will select the winners. The deadline for submitting an entry form is July 31. Visit or call 920-3955 for more information.



New board members elected

Eight new members joined the Tangletown Neighborhood Association’s board of directors in May at the group’s annual meeting. They are Bruce Bruemmer, Steve Bieringer, Tom Steichen, Tony Proell, Jane Elias, Dick Fiala, Mark Haugen and Lynell Voigt.



Gearing up for National Night Out

The city has a checklist for folks interested in getting involved in National Night Out (NNO) set for Aug. 4. June 15–21 is Minneapolis National Night Out Planning Week.

Here are some tips:

• Register your NNO event. If you want to close your street, it’s free if you apply by July 21. You need permission of 75 percent of your neighbors to be approved for street closure. You must have the names and addresses with you when you apply. You can register online at or call 331.

• You can put in a request to have a police office, firefighter or canine officer/dog at your event. Demand is high, but if you want to be on the list, call 311.

• Make rain plans.


Southwest neighborhood group meeting times

Armatage Neighborhood Association (ANA): Board meets 3rd Tuesday monthly at Armatage Park, 57th & Russell.

Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association (BMNA): Board meets 2nd Wednesday monthly at Bryn Mawr School, 252 Upton Ave. S.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG) meeting: Board meets 3rd Tuesday monthly at Bryant Square Park, 3101 Bryant Ave. S.

Cedar-Isles-Dean Neighborhood Association (CIDNA) meeting: Board meets every 1st Tuesday at Jones-Harrison Residence, 3700 Cedar Lake Ave.

East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO): Board meets 1st Thursday monthly at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave. S.

East Harriet Farmstead Neighborhood Association (EHFNA): Board meets 1st Wednesday monthly at Lyndale Farmstead Park Building, 3900 Bryant Ave.

East Isles Residents Association (EIRA): Board meets 1st Tuesday monthly at Trinity Community Church, 1430 W. 28th St.

Fulton Neighborhood Association (FNA): Board meets 2nd Wednesday monthly at Pershing Park, 3523 W. 48th St.

Kenny Neighborhood Association (KNA): Board meets 3rd Tuesday monthly at Kenny Park Building, 1328 W. 58th St.

Kenwood Isles Area Association (KIAA): Board meets 1st Monday monthly at Kenwood Neighborhood Center, 2101 W. Franklin Ave.

Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA): Board meets 2nd Wednesday monthly at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, 41st & Nicollet.

Linden Hills Neighborhood Council (LHiNC): Board meets 1st Tuesday monthly at Linden Hills Park, 3100 W. 43rd St.

Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association (LHNA): Board meets 1st Tuesday monthly at Kenwood Neighborhood Center, 2101 W. Franklin Ave.

Lowry Hill East (Wedge): Board meets 3rd Wednesday monthly at Jefferson Elementary School, 1200 W. 26th St.

Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA): Board meets 4th Monday monthly at Painter Park, 34th & Lyndale.

Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association (LYNAS): Board meets 2nd Monday monthly at 6:30 p.m. at Lynnhurst Community Center, 50th & West Minnehaha Parkway.

Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO): Board meets 3rd Thursday monthly at the Loring-Nicollet Community Center, 1925 Nicollet Ave. S.

Tangletown Neighborhood Association (TNA): Board meets 3rd Monday monthly at Fuller Park, 4800 Grand Ave.

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council: Board meets 2nd Tuesday monthly at The Bakken, 3537 Zenith Ave. S.

Whittier Alliance: Board meets 4th Thursday monthly at the Whittier Community School, 2620 Grand Ave.

Windom Community Council: Board meets 2nd Thursday monthly at Windom Community Center, 5821 Wentworth Ave.

For more information about Southwest neighborhood organizations, go to and click on “Resources.” Send neighborhood news to Journal editor Sarah McKenzie at