Linden Hills wading pool shut down, possibly through summer

The Linden Hills wading pool has been closed indefinitely because of two major leaks.

According to a news release, the water line to the pool has a leak, while its main drain has corroded so much that it was losing hundreds of gallons of water every day.

It’s unclear when the pool, which was built in the 1970s, will reopen. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has to first assess costs before determining any next steps. Repairs were made in 2008 to other parts of the pool supply line; that cost more than $4,000.

General Manager Michael Schmidt said staff isn’t ready to officially deem the pool out of commission for the summer season. However, he said that it is a strong possibility.

The closest alternative wading pool to Linden Hills’ is at Pershing Park, 48th Street and Chowen Avenue.