Transportation roundup // Lyndale reconstruction project in final stages

Lyndale reconstruction project in final stages

Lyndale Avenue has one summer of road construction left before it’s all wrapped up in October.

Some sections of the street are largely finished, such as the blocks between 38th and 50th streets. Lyndale was reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction, with bump-outs for parking and turn lanes at almost every intersection. All that’s left to do there is final paving, sod placement behind the curb.

Project Engineer Don Schaffer said he’s heard positive feedback about how Lyndale is turning out, particularly from nearby residents.

“The people we’ve been dealing with down there mainly all have been very supportive of the project,” he said. “It’s been a pleasant place to work at.”

Reconstruction of other sections of Lyndale is just getting underway this spring. The stretch between 50th and Minnehaha closed on April 20, and it should reopen the week before Memorial Day.  

The blocks between 31st and 38th street also need to be reconstructed this summer, starting at 38th Street and moving north.


Summer Crosstown construction update

The Crosstown project is a long way away from completion — we’re one-and-a-half years away and counting. A few commuters will travel a little easier later this summer, however, when a handful of ramps, streets and bridges open up again.

The exit ramp from southbound 35W to Diamond Lake Road is currently closed for paving and other construction, but a temporary crossover will open up for access there in mid-May.

The 46th Street entrance ramp to northbound 35W will reopen in July, as well as the 46th Street bridge.

A couple other blocks will reopen in June. They include Stevens Avenue between 46th and 48th streets, which was closed for retaining wall work, and the intersection of 2nd Avenue and 43rd Street, which was closed for water main work.

Check out the map to see what kind of construction is underway in your area.




1 — Hauling and stockpiling of materials.

2 — Retaining wall work, including excavation and backfilling on the exit ramp from westbound Highway 62 and the entrance ramp to eastbound Highway 62.

3 — Retaining wall work along westbound Highway 62, with bridge rail work above the railroad.

4 — Bridge work. Sheet piling at the northwest corner of Nicollet, 35W and Highway 62 will start in early May.

5 — Bridge work.

6 — Bridge rail work on the southbound 35W bridge over 60th Street.

7 — Nighttime work includes concrete paving for new southbound 35W lanes and saw cutting of the new pavement.

8 — Bridge work.

9 — Stevens Avenue between 49th and 50th streets is being reconstructed this summer. Nighttime work in the area includes hauling and unloading of materials, concrete paving for new southbound 35W lanes.

10 — Daytime work includes bridge deck construction and pile driving. Nighttime work includes stockpiling materials, backfilling retaining walls along southbound 35W and concrete paving and saw cutting of new pavement. Storm sewer installation continues along southbound 35W.