Probable H1N1 case identified at Lake Harriet upper campus

School will remain open; Emerson to reopen early

Minneapolis Public Schools reported Tuesday a new, probable case of H1N1 influenza infection was linked to the upper campus of Lake Harriet Community School, 4912 Vincent Ave. S.

The school will remain open, the district reported.

If the flu case were discovered just a few days ago, the campus probably would have closed. But a district news release reporting the infection stated the district changed its policy in response to shifting guidelines from state and federal officials.

Despite earlier concerns, growing evidence suggests the H1N1 influenza strain — commonly known as swine flu — behaves like a regular, seasonal flu strain in its severity. That led the Minnesota Department of Health to change its school closure guidelines when a probable or confirmed case of H1N1 is detected, giving schools greater flexibility in deciding whether and for how long to close.

Minneapolis Public Schools previously reported a probable case of H1N1 flu linked to Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center, 1421 Spruce Place. That school was to remain closed until May 11, but now will reopen May 6, the district reported.