Jury struggling with verdict in Loesch case

Jurors in the trial of Jamaal Freeman, accused of killing and robbing Kingfield resident Mark Loesch Sept. 12, 2007, handed Hennepin County District Court Judge Mark Wernick a note this morning saying they could not agree on a verdict.

The note, delivered around 10 a.m., said the jury was split 4-8. Wernick read some guidlines to help them reach a decision and instructed them to continue deliberating. He asked jurors to decide the case for themselves, but only after discussing it with other jurors. He said to keep an open mind, but not to be swayed simply to end deliberations. 

"Don’t surrender merely because you want to reach a verdict," the judge said. 

Witness testimony ended Tuesday and attorneys presented their final arguments Wednesday in the case, which involves no physical clues or forensic evidence.