Flu case linked to Emerson

Spanish immersion school closed this week

Emerson Spanish Immersion School was closed Monday after state health officials found a probable case of H1N1 flu in a person linked to the school.

Minneapolis Public Schools [MPS] reported Monday the school, located near Loring Park, would remain closed all week as a precaution. Another probable case of the novel influenza virus — commonly known as “swine flu” — led to the closure of four schools in Orono, the Minnesota Department of Health reported.

A health department statement released Sunday said the Centers for Disease Control [CDC] would test samples from both cases to determine if the individuals have H1N1 influenza. As of Sunday, the state had one confirmed case of the new flu strain and was testing to confirm six probable infections.

State health officials said the H1N1 virus appeared to be acting like a typical seasonal flu virus. None of the Minnesota cases has required hospitalization, and all infected individuals were expected to make a full recovery.

Still, they cautioned anyone with flu-like systems to stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from spreading the virus.

To learn more about the virus and methods to prevent its spread, visit the state health department website.