Bracing for construction season

An overview of major Southwest road projects

The busy construction season is around the corner — time for torn-up roads, orange signs and detours galore. We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the obstacles — an overview of road construction projects that are either underway or planned to start soon in Southwest and Downtown.

Lake of the Isles

What: The entire perimeter of Lake of the Isles will be under construction this spring and summer in four stages. The Lake of the Isles Parkway will be completely removed and replaced with concrete, and the area between Dean Parkway and Sheridan Avenue South will also be surfaced with concrete. The rest of the parkway will be resurfaced in asphalt, and there will be minor work on the curbs and gutters.

When: Phase one begins April 20 on the west side of the lake.

How long: The entire project will take three to four months. Phase one will take about six weeks, phase two about three weeks, phase three will take three to four weeks, and phase four will take about three weeks.

Traffic: During the entirety of the project, the road will be closed and traffic will be detoured. Parts of the sidewalks will also be closed during the project. Detoured traffic will use Burnham Road during phase one, Lake Street and Dean Parkway during phase two, Hennepin Avenue to Lake Street West during phase three, and Kenwood Parkway and Franklin Avenue West during the final phase.

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Lyndale Avenue South

What: Reconstruction of Lyndale Avenue from 38th Street to 31st Street and from 50th Street to the parkway, including new pavement and new gas main.

When: Work beetween 38th and 31st streets is scheduled to start April 6. Reconstruction from 50th to the parkway is set to begin in May.

How long: The project is expected to finish in the fall of this year.

Traffic: During the construction, Lyndale Avenue will be limited to one lane of traffic for each direction. During work from 50th Street South to the parkway, that section of Lyndale will be closed. The detour will be from Diamond Lake Road to Penn Avenue to 50th street.

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Marquette Avenue and 2nd Avenue

What: Repaving of Marquette and 2nd avenues, restructuring the area to add more bus lanes, landscaping work and public art, wider sidewalks and new bus shelters.

When: The final stage began March 16.

Traffic: 4th Avenue will be restricted to two lanes between Nicollet Avenue and 3rd Avenue South.

How long: The lane closure is expected to last about three weeks, and the construction will end this spring.

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I-35W Crosstown (Update)

What: Reconstruction of 35W from 42nd Street to south of Highway 62.

How long: The project will be finished in December of 2010.

Traffic: The Diamond Lake Road bridge and ramps are now open. The 46th Street bridge has been demolished and is being rebuilt, and will re-open mid-summer of 2009. All ramps at 46th Street are still closed, including the exit ramp from southbound 35W.

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What: 35W from 42nd Street to the Highway 65 split near downtown is getting a major overhaul that includes grading, resurfacing, bridge work, new express lanes and lighting, additional signage and noise walls.

When: Work began March 27.

How long: The project is expected to last six months.

Traffic: Both northbound and southbound 35W have been reduced from four to three lanes from 42nd Street to the Highway 65 split. No detours are planned. The Minnesota Department of Transportation said to expect significant delays and urged motorists to carpool, take the bus, alter their times of commute and talk to their employers about telecommuting.

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What: Phase five of the Lynnhurst Renovation Project will begin this summer. Crews will be repaving Thomas Avenue, Sheridan Avenue, Russell Avenue and Queen Avenue. Curbs and gutters in the area will also be repaired.

When: June or July of this summer.

How long: This phase will end in August, and the final phase of the project will take place next summer.

Traffic: No major detours are expected.

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Hennepin Avenue & 1st Avenue

What: Converting both Hennepin Avenue South and 1st Avenue South from one-way roads to two-way roads.

How long: Spring 2009–-late 2009 (fall/winter)

Traffic: Closures and detours are expected to be minimal to nonexistent, with the exception of 1st Ave North and 12th Street North and 1st Ave North between 8th Street North and 9th Street North. If closures in these areas are necessary, they will be during non-peak hours.

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3rd Avenue North (pending)

What: Complete reconstruction including new curbs and gutters, pavement, driveways and sidewalks.

When: 2009

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