Dogs on display in Linden Hills

Jessie Marianiello loves dogs – so much so that she is putting on an art show featuring the paintings she did of 20 local Linden Hills canines. The series of paintings, called Dogs of Linden Hills, will have an opening reception at Dunn Brothers Coffee today from 7 p.m.-9 p.m.

“It’s not so stuffy as a normal art showing,” Marianiello said. “I want the opening to be just like a neighborhood party. I am really excited to see people coming together.”

The neighborhood and their dogs are all invited to the event. One of the canines Marianiello painted, Lou, will be the night’s entertainment. Lou’s owner plays the harmonica and his pet sings along to the music. “Lou has a beautiful howl,” Marianiello said.

Marianiello, 34, is fond of the way dogs bring people together. “I’ve been getting to know Linden Hills through the dogs,” she said. “It’s interested how they reflect the neighborhood and how they bring people together.”

The artist studied at Bemidji State and has learned to paint mostly through practice. Marianiello also painted the series Dogs of Bryn Mawr, which is what inspired her to become a pet portrait artist. “I asked myself, what do I love best? And the answer came to me easily – dogs and art.”

The Dogs of Linden Hills series will be featured at Dunn Brothers for the month of March.